Thursday, January 6, 2011


    There is one thing in school that I sort of despise, which is writing essays. Lately I have been writing a ton of them and smart ol' me choose to write another, instead of take test or make a poster. Yeah, I know. When I saw all the options, the writing prompt sounded the best. I'm hoping it stays the best when I am actually writing. I also chose it because I made a pretty good grade on my English Final, which was an essay, but it turned out that the teacher curved everybody's grade ten points. Yeah, the essay is sounding less and less attractive, but too late now. Anyways, this week my favorite teacher, Mr. Griffin is out and so he is having the sub, his brother Mr. Griffin, make us write a one page essay every day. I am essayed out! Anyhow, I better work my other homework and maybe get started on the essay.

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  1. You took writing another essay over making a poster?

  2. I agree with Julia!
    Love your background! How did you get it?
    Good luck with homework and essays!
    Much love,

  3. Julia- What I had to do for the poster was harder than the essay. I think. I might double check on that tomorrow, before I start actually.

    Anj- Thanks! This background was just one of the ones available through blogger.