Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Dance & Halloween Weekend.

     Last night, October 29th, was the Fall Dance at my school. I kept debating whether to go or not, and I finally decided two nights before to go. And I am SO glad I did! It was so much fun, there was a pool tournament, costume contest and lots of food and dancing! Though my partner and I were terrible, we somehow managed to get into the Second Round of the Pool Tourney! :) Wearing costumes to the dance was optional, and I chose to dress in a dress. Not a fancy, homecoming type dress, but just a cute, casual-ish dress. And like I said, lots of food and dancing! Overall, it was great!
     It's Halloween Weekend, and what are your plans? I have none, gladly. I love Halloween, but just the decoration and candy part. I HATE the scary, spooky part! So, I opt out of dressing up, trick-o-treating and haunted houses. Instead I'm going to sleep, write a paper, and sleep some more this weekend!
     I hope you have a great weekend, and tell me your plans below!

Fall Dance 2010
Me and my Date :) 

<3 HF

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Here are some random pictures of me, my friends and family. Hope you enjoy :)

                                   My Parents                             Me, My sister and my Mom
                         One of My favorite bands, Dawes      Waiting to see Dawes  <3 
                                                 Me                                     Me & Friends
                                       Me & Friends                         Ms. Cayenne Pepper
                                          My family                      <3          Me and my grandma 

<3 HF 

Friday, October 22, 2010

No Name.

I am in a good mood! 1) Because it's Friday 2) Because I just got home from the library and got to see J&J 3) I just found out I am going to see one of my favorite bands tonight!
    Anyways, how was your week? Mine was pretty good, though it seemed to last foreverr. I have a lot of homework this weekend, which isn't fun, but whatever. Also, I just got a printer in my room, which is exciting to me, for multiple reasons. It's not a brand-new printer, it was my dads. lol. Uhh. My average in Algebra I is 101. Oh, I'm secretary for the Journalism club, and treasurer for the Interact Club! I can't think of any thing else to say.
     So, yeah, I guess this is a random, unimportant post. (Hence the name) But, I felt like posting, so I did.
      ~Also, thanks for your ideas! :D

<3 HF

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Almost Forgot To Ask You.

One More Thing. IDEAS.

I want some of your ideas-thoughts-questions-etc on what to post about. I will continue to post the randomness that I already post, but if there is something you want me to post about please lemme know! I've only gotten one idea, and that was book reviews on "Shiver" and "Linger." And I am probably going to so those sometime in the near future, when I finish "Linger," but as of right now I'm still in that "funk."


<3 HF

Multi-Tasking or Procrastinating?

Multi-Tasking. Are you good at it? I think I am. Actually, I think I'm great at it. I can talk on the phone, do homework AND chat with someone on Gmail at the same time. lol. Anyways, I was just thinking about multi-tasking, and I had this thought. "Isn't multi-tasking sometimes another word for procrastination?" Well, is it? The reason I thought this is because right now I have my homework in front of me, while I looking up something on the internet and singing to the music playing. But, while doing so I am neglecting my homework. Is this just procrastination, or I am trying to make myself think that I'm actually multi-tasking? I think I know the answer, and that is procrastination.
     Yeah, so there's a brain teaser/twister for you. I think this might have been the kind of thought I should've kept to myself, instead of writing about it and making myself look like an...alligator (tiny brain:). hahaha.

<3 HF

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Also, I am VERY Moody at the moment. And it seems like I can't type, either. And my parents MUST be moody, too. So, yeah. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
    Man, I gotta finish this homework. Thanks for listening (reading) to me(: I'm a complainer!

<3 HF

As My Week Goes.

As you have probably (not) noticed, since the week has started I haven't posted anything. And that of course is due to school and homework. That will be normal on EH. When the week starts I will probably not post much, due to my hectic schedule (that I love:).  So, yeah.
     This week is going great so far! School is good! I've got a lot of cool projects to do, and I just love my school :) That's all for now!

<3 HF

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stress. Good or Bad?

Some people argue that stress is a good thing, while others say it's a bad thing.  And then there are people, like me, who believe that's it both. To me, a little stress can be a good thing, in the sense that it keeps you alert of what you have to do. But believe me, there is such a thing as bad stress, and that's when you have too much stress. It's when you stress yourself out, and start freaking out, and make yourself sick/upset/tense about something to where you can barely focus. That's bad stress. I experienced that last night. I was overly tired, had been doing homework for several hours, and I was starting to feel sick. Those three things combined sent to me "Stress Avenue."
     So your probably wondering why I'm posting about this, and the reason is because I want to hear your tips on how to avoid bad stress. And your thoughts on good & bad stress.
     Some of my tips for avoiding bad stress would be to pace yourself. Don't overload yourself with too much. And if you do happen to overload yourself, prioritize. Make a list of everything you have to do, and put them in the order from Most Important to Least Important. And, if you are already dealing with stress, take a break and breath. 
    So, yeah. Hope this helps, and I hope you hear some of your tips and ideas! Thanks(: 

<3 HF 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Homework. My new hobby.

Oh the joys of being a High school student, who is also enrolled in college. Oh the wonder things it brings to me...Homework. Homework. Homework. HOMEWORK! Now I know homework is supposed to be good thing, it gives you repetition so you become better at what your learning, blah, blah, blah. But, you have to admit homework is a big pain in the rear sometimes! Like this weekend, I'm at my grandparents for the weekend, and sadly I'll being doing homework THE WHOLE TIME! I have TEN things I have to do in TWO days!  Now that might not seem like a lot to you, but about 1/2 of those things are major grades. So, yeah. Right this minute I'm procrastinating, because I don't wanna do my homework, but I'm about to. I promise! :)
    Also, it's my grandpa's 73rd birthday today(: Here is a picture of me and him!

And, I might be receiving a call from one of my BFF's today(: 

<3 HF 

Friday, October 15, 2010


Well, long time no post. I highly doubt I still have any followers, actually. But, if I do, please comment  below, so I know your following! I guess this blog post will sorta be an update, since I hope to start posting regularly.
     First, and foremost-School. School is going FAB-U-LOUS! I absolutely love it(: Though it has kind of taken every second of my time. If I'm not at school, I'm studying and if I'm not studying I'm at school. Anyways, I had a very successful first six weeks at school. I made straight A's on my report card, being 1 out of 11 students who made the A Honor Roll!!! I also had the highest grade in my AP Human Geography class, with a 97! I hope to keep up the hard work for the remaining of the school year, and throughout the next four years!
     Secondly- Volunteering. As most of you know I have been volunteering at my local library since the Spring of this year, and I absolutely love it! I quit volunteering in the summer, for various reasons. But I have now started again! J, J and I all started back in September, and have been having a great time volunteering and getting to visit with each other each week. :D
     Thirdly- Drama Friends!! It has been a while since I've seen my drama friends, esp. S, who moved out of state. But, coming up later this month Padme is having a makeup party where I will get to see them!! I CAN'T WAIT! And, if S is available we are going to try and webcam with her! I am overly excited to see everyone.
     And lastly- Reading. I have actually been reading lately, for fun! I know, big shocker. But I heard about this book called, "Linger" and I had to read it, but I first had to read "Shiver" the first book in the series. So, I read "Shiver" and loved it, I finished it in two days! I started reading "Linger" right after I finished "Shiver." I am about a 1/3 of the way through "Linger" and I just have no want to pick it up and read it. And I don't know why! I loved the first book, but this second book is a bit disappointing in the fact that I already know how it's going to end. I think. And if it's going to end the way I think, I'm not happy about it. Anyways, I'm in a "funk" and I want out! Because I really want to finish the book, but every time I sit down to read I get bored. So, yeah.

Also, like the background, and gadgets?!

Okay, well I think that's it for now, I hope to have a new post soon! If you have any ideas for upcoming posts, comment below! Thanks for reading! Love you!

<3 HF