Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Blog? Your Blog. Who's Blog?

My Blog? What are you doing reading my blog? I'm not quite sure either, I mean I'm just a teenager girl writing about normal teenage things...At least, I think they're normal. Oh, you have have a blog, too? Well, why didn't you tell me? I would love to check it out sometime! You post regularly? Awesome, so do I. Or at least I try. Your friend has a blog, too? Wow, a world of bloggers. Anyways, I would love you check hers out sometime. Yes, please, gimme the link! Thanks!

Just wanted to start out the New Year by saying thanks for visiting my blog and if you have a blog, share the link below. Or if you know someone who has a really cool blog, gimme the link in the comments!

**Updates on the Movie Page**

<3 HF


  1. you already have my blogs and my friends. :D
    Much love,

  2. I'm reading your blog because you're one of my good friends. :)