Monday, August 16, 2010

Maybe a Vlogger?

Do you ever watch Vlogs (video blogs) on Youtube? Well, I do. A lot. There are is one family, in particular, that do a vlog every single day, 365 days a year! They are the Shaytards, and they are the cutest family ever! There is Shay Carl, Katilette, SonTard, PrincessTard, BabyTard, & and the newest addition, Rocktard! If you haven't seen one of their vlogs before, you have to go watch one!
  Anyways, Vlogging is something I've wanted to try and just haven't done it! I'm kind of embarrassed to vlog.  You know, to take a camera with me places and talk into it?  But, I don't know. I'm thinking about starting a weekly, maybe daily, vlog on Youtube. If I did that, would you watch it?
   Well, I guess that's the blog. Thanks. :)

Oh, and one more thing. The vlogging family's real name isn't Shaytards, that's just what they call themselves? Haha.

<3 HF

Link To A Shaytard's Video:


  1. Hannah I would watch your vlog every day. You could call it Ree Tards. Seriously I love what you have done with this so far, especially your profile.

  2. Every single vlog I would desperately wait for! You HAVE to do it! I would watch every one of them!