Saturday, August 21, 2010


1) I am making EVERYTHING HANNAH my ONE and ONLY blog starting today. I will keep "Randomness," (my other blog) up for the remaining of the day, but will take it down later tonight.

2) I GOT A BETTA FISH! I got a Betta Fish yesterday, his name is Rover. Though I know Rover isn't a fish name, that's his name! LOL! He has a white body, with blue and red. He's so beautiful! I love him!

3) I start High School in TWO days. YIKES! I am excited, but extremely nervous! Wish me luck my first week!

I think that's it on the updates, not that many, but semi-important stuff I wanted to share. I will be making a vlog showing you Rover sometime tomorrow, so be looking for that. I also wanted to Thank You, the readers, for reading, commenting, and supporting my blog. It means a lot! Thanks Again, and have a great weekend!

And, here is the link to my VLOG channel I started with my friend, Savannah, called "Sweetness and Sarcasm."

<3 HF

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