Saturday, December 18, 2010

Betta Drama.

Oh My. I am starting to think that having a fish is more trouble than it's worth..But then again the reason it's a pain in the rear is because of me!
   Okay, so the story goes a little something like this:

On Wednesday afternoon my mom and I were running some errands and we went to Petco. And so naturally I went to the fish section and  saw these cute Female betta fishes. I, of course, wanted one, so I asked the guy there if you could put a male and a female betta fish together and he said no, but you could put small "community" fish with them. So, I did. I bought two itty bitty neon fish and a cleaner type fish. When I put then in the tank with Rover, he was visibly unhappy. So, I watched carefully and I called my sister (who used to work a pet store) and she told me that I shouldn't have bought the extra fish and that the worst thing that could happen is the fish die. --Just to let you know, Bettas are naturally aggressive fish-- I watched the fish and Rover over the next day and all seemed to be fine... UNTIL it came time to feed the fish. Oh My, was that a disaster. I fed the fish, and Rover got SOOO angry. The little two fishies were eating the food, and playing around with each other and that just made Rover so angry. I think he thought that they were eating HIS food in HIS tank and he was extremely jealous. So, he pecked at one of the fish and I flipped out. So, I took the two fish out and put them in a container by themselves. So, here we were today with Rover and the cleaner fish in the tank, with the poor, small fishes in a little container. Okay, so then, about twenty minutes ago I go to feed Rover and all seems well. But, then the little cleaner fish is getting in Rover's way, so it makes Rover angry again. --You can tell he's angry from when is "flares" his gills and when it "puffs" out-- I then have to take the little cleaner guy out and put him in another container. So, here we are tonight, December 18th at 10:45pm, with the all these gosh darn fish in little ol' containers. I am hoping that to solve this problem I can take them back to PetCo, because they told me having little fish in with my betta would be fine and man, did they lie or what?! So, yeah. You can pretty much say I am giving myself a lot of stress over this...uh..Why did I just have to have more fish? Why?! No more rash decisions for me. No Way.

Anyways, thanks for listening and I'm sure your laughing at my stupid "fish drama" right about now. :) Leave any of your crazy pet stories in the comments below.

**Update: This fish are back at the Pet Store**

<3 HF


  1. Yes I am laughing! And can't Stop!!!! Hahahahhaha!

  2. We had to chase Johnny around on the side of the highway. He got out and was being a turd and it took my mom like, thirty minutes to catch him. It was Dramatic!