Sunday, December 5, 2010


Well, my birthday is officially over and I must say that I had a great 15th birthday. Here is how my birthday celebration started: The night before my birthday my friend and I talked for, like, five or more hours on the phone and FaceTiming. Then we had a countdown until 12:00 and she wished me happy birthday!(: Then I went to sleep and later that morning my grandparents took me out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and it was delicious. Then when we got back to my house my grandma surprised me with a Key Lime Pie. For the rest of the day I watched movies in bed. It was. heavenly. I laid in bed and did nothing all day long. It was so relaxing! I watched Hot Rod, Cinderella II, The Killers and Valentine's Day. They were all so good! Anyways, when my dad got home from work we went to a local restaurant, The Red Fox and it was so so so so yummy. So. Yummy. Then when we got home I had my birthday cake, which was ice cream cake! It was from Baskin' Robins! :) Oh, and then I rented Twilight Eclipse to watch last night, but I feel asleep during it at, like, 10:30pm. I'm such a party girllll. Ha. Yeah, right. Anyways, thanks to all of you who wished me Happy Birthday, you made my day! <3 I love you all.

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<3 HF


  1. What did you get for your bday?

  2. Well, my gift is for birthday and Christmas, from my parents and grandparents. But, it's a new DSLR Camera! :) My sister got me some ugg boots and perfume!