Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Dance & Halloween Weekend.

     Last night, October 29th, was the Fall Dance at my school. I kept debating whether to go or not, and I finally decided two nights before to go. And I am SO glad I did! It was so much fun, there was a pool tournament, costume contest and lots of food and dancing! Though my partner and I were terrible, we somehow managed to get into the Second Round of the Pool Tourney! :) Wearing costumes to the dance was optional, and I chose to dress in a dress. Not a fancy, homecoming type dress, but just a cute, casual-ish dress. And like I said, lots of food and dancing! Overall, it was great!
     It's Halloween Weekend, and what are your plans? I have none, gladly. I love Halloween, but just the decoration and candy part. I HATE the scary, spooky part! So, I opt out of dressing up, trick-o-treating and haunted houses. Instead I'm going to sleep, write a paper, and sleep some more this weekend!
     I hope you have a great weekend, and tell me your plans below!

Fall Dance 2010
Me and my Date :) 

<3 HF


  1. Hannah, I am so happy you had a good time!!

  2. AWWW! I LOVE YOUR DATE! Very cute! <3

    I will be handing out candy and watching movies tonight.
    Have an awesome weekend.

  3. Thanks Julia <3

    She was the best date ever, Anjali! lol! I hope you have fun handing out candy tonight! I'm sure you'll see some pretty cool costumes!