Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School, Weather, and Holidays.

     I love my school. I honestly love my school. Since it's so small my school is like a second family. And, I love my teachers, principal & counselor. My teachers, besides my biology teacher, are the best. Mr. Griffin, my social studies, is the best teacher everr. I stayed after school today, with some other friends, and we played Spades with him. It was awesome! But, seriously, I could not imagine going to any other school! :)
     Two Words that make me happy: COLD WEATHER. Finally it is COLD. Like, coat, scarf, boots, mitten cold. It is uh-mazinggg. Please, Texas, I beg you to keep this weather forever...Or at least until February. No more warm fronts, please :)
     And finally, Holidays. Oh, tis the season of holidays. Many, many wonderful holidays full of delicious food. Halloween is the start of what I like to call, "The Triple Threat." (I actually just made that up, but I really like that name now) I thought of the name because all three holidays have amazing, unhealthy food and they are right after each other. Halloween=Candy, Thanksgiving=Turkey, Ham, Dressing, Rolls, Pie, etc, Christmas=Same as Thanksgiving. So, you see what I mean. Triple Threat. Never the less, I love ALL of that food and I couldn't be happier for this time of year.
     How do you like school? What do you think of this Texas weather? Or, how do you like the weather where your at? What is the weather where you are? Are you pumped for the holidays? Do you just love the Triple Threat food? Tell me please! Or not :)

<3 HF


  1. Keep the coldness until March, please!!!!!!!!
    School is going great!
    I like all the blogs on the side of your blog. The Blog List, I guess?

  2. How about keep the coldness all year long? lol :)

    <3 HF

  3. NO! I like hot weather I mean I LOVE HOT weather!
    Now before you all say i'm crazy, let me make something clear! I HATE humidity, but I LOVE HOT weather, like when we went to arizona in practically the middle of the summer,= HOT, I loved it!
    You know how we sweat when we get hot, God designed us that way, to cool us off. When we sweat it is supposed to evaporate, which takes heat, and the sweat uses the heat from are skin, meaning that you cool off right? WRONG! When you live in our part of Texas, the humidity is so high all the time that your sweat doesn't evaporate hardly at all, or very slowly so we just get hotter and hotter and hotter!
    I love school, because I love learning, but i'm really excited for next year, weather I get to go to your school or not! : )
    YES! I am extremely pumped for the Holidays!
    And I like some of the Triple Threat food. I love candy, what kid doesn't? Or should I say rather what teenager doesn't! I am a extremly picky eater, but this year i'm planing on being brave and trying new things! So i'm really excited!

  4. eew. Hot weather is gross. Even dry hot weather. Who likes sunburns and and feeling your own body heat circle around you? GROSS! Cold weather is amazing! And the best thing about it is CAMPING! I LOVE camping when it's freezing and you can bring one of those mountain backpacking sleeping bags and bundle up all tight and hiking in the woods with a jacket on and stuff! It's awesome :)

  5. Well I like the sound of camping in the freezing cold, but I stand my ground. I like heat better than cold. I mean, Hey, i'm allowed to have my own opion aren't I?????

  6. I love heat, but I'm pro and con to the cold weather. I agree with the "Triple Threat!" I love that! LOL! and it is very true!
    School is same old same old. Thanksgiving break coming soon yeah! Oh and daylight savings is this Sunday.

  7. I'm pro and con to the heat..But I have more cons. :) Daylight Savingss! I can't wait!