Monday, November 15, 2010


Food. You gotta love it. So many different types of food. Some yummy and some nasty. But I think we can all agree that the best kind of food is good ol' home-Cooking. HA. HA. Just kidding. It's Dessert. Duh. You got brownies, ice cream, cookies, pie, and cake. And icing, cookie dough, candies -sweet&sour-...and last, but definitely not least...Chocolate.
    So, yeah. That's all I had to say. I hope your hungry now(:
    What's your favorite types of food and dessert? What would like to try? What have you eaten that you wish you never would have? Comment below and tell me!

<3 HF


  1. Well I have eaten dinner so no I am not hungry.
    Favorite food-
    1. My mother's red beans & rice.
    2. My dad's fried shrimp!
    Fave Dessert? OUCH! not going to say cause I can't choose!!!!
    Btw, I like your new background!

  2. Poi. I wish I have NEVER eaten Poi. So this bowl of grey stuff was in the middle of the table at this dinner thing our church did. My friends dared me to eat a little bit of it, and I did. It was just a tiny bit, but when it was in my mouth, it somehow multiplied! It was the texture of salty toothpaste but a whole lot thicker. It was so thick I couldn't swallow it, so I wipped it out of my mouth with a napkin. Then, the guy who made it sat down and said, "You want some Poi?" I said, "umm, no thank you." and he ate a whole bowl of it. It was the grossest thing ever. By favorite food is anything Greek, YUM!