Saturday, November 27, 2010

Poll Results.

I currently have three polls up and they are all closed. So I thought I'd shared the results with you.

Poll #1:
Should I make "Famous Quotes" a weekly post?
(5) said YES
(2) said NO

Poll #2:
What's you favorite food on Thanksgiving?
(2) said Turkey
(1) said Ham
(1) said Dressing
(2) said Sweet Potatoes 
(3) said Mashed Potatoes
(0) said Green Beans
(1) said Cranberry Sauce
(0) said Casseroles

Poll #3:
What's your favorite dessert on Thanksgiving?
(1) said Pumpkin Pie
(0) said Sweet Potato Pie
(2) said Pecan Pie
(1) said Chocolate Pie
(1) said Cake

So, yeah. There are the results. Hope you enjoyed the polls, I know I did! Thanks again for supporting this blog. It means the World to me. I love each and every one of you. :) I'm gonna go right a paper now.

<3 HF

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