Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Pay for My Teachers dis-organization!

My algebra teacher, who is also my AVID teacher, is SOOO unorganized. I've dealt with some of the things she's messed up on grades before, but this time I am not happy. When I was absent two Fridays ago, my AVID class did this report on this activity we had done a couple days before. Since I was absent I had no clue about the report. And so on Tuesday when she was telling us all the things we had missing in her classes, she told me I had that report missing. So, I told her that I was absent, and she said okay just turn it in on Monday. So, I thought, "Okay cool, no problem." BUT, I just look at my progress report grades, that are final, and I have an 84 in that class. And, I know what your thinking, "And 84, Hannah? That's not bad at all." And it's not, but it is when the reason you have an 84 is because your teacher gave you a 60 for a report you didn't even DO! I just saw the grade, so I'm like overly angry and venting...I should have cooled down before I wrote this. Too Late.

<3 HF


  1. Hannah your blog is to tell all about yourself ok! so if your angry then type it, if your happy then type it! Whatever mood your in just let it out! that's what the readers are here for. To read and help! I'm sure other peeps have had this prob b4 so just let the emotions out!
    Much Love,

  2. VENT! SPILL! FAN! We are your vacumes and sponges! Hehe!