Friday, November 26, 2010

Harry Potter.

Well, my lovely friends, I just got home from the movie theatre. I'm sure you know what I saw...Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Uno! And, lemme just tell you, it was FANTASTIC. It was so good. Like, sooo good. I can't wait until the Part Dos next summer(:
    Just two more days of Thanksgiving break. Oh, this break was way to short. Just three weeks until finals. I am so nervous about them. I'm sure I'll do fine in Algebra, but in Biology?! Imma fail. Ohh, well.

<3 HF


  1. I. Love. That. Movie. Can't Wait. For. Part. Two.

  2. I LOVED HARRY POTTER!!! PART 2 comes out in JuNE!

  3. Don't you guys mean, Part Dos? lol. I loved it, too(:

  4. Did you see it in imax, that was AMAZING!!!