Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Days. No Terrible Days.

***As some of you might have read this on my Buzz post, I thought I would talk about this in my blog, too and elaborate a little bit.

     So, I read my friends Facebook posts that go to highschool and at least once a week somebody has a terrible day and they hate school and never want to go back. And then, like, the next day they had a great day. And then the pattern repeats the next week, and so on. And I just realized that I have not had a terrible day...yet. Yes, I have had very stressful days and have had a couple meltdowns, but not because of anything at school. It was because of me and my procrastination.  And this makes me happy :) And, like I've said 13928684 times..I love school..I love my school :)
     Continuing on the subject of school, I hate substitutes. And not because they are substitutes, but because more than half of them don't know what to do! Like, seriously! My school has a MAJOR problem with talking. The classes I'm in, EVERYBODY talks NON-STOP. It's ridiculous, and I know what some of you might be thinking..But, NO, I'm not the one talking. :) Anyways, the sub's don't know what to do with us! For me, after a while of us continuing to talk, yell at us, or do something!! They do nothing, except tell us to be quiet. And that does nothing. Also, having substitutes in math is the worst. And I just miss my teachers...
    Okay, enough about school. I have a blog related question. I saw on my friends blog that she has a page for photos, just photos. Would you like me to have a page just for pictures? Love you!

<3 HF


  1. That'd be a cool page!
    One of the teachers at my co-op throws stuff at the kids. Just thought I'd share that.

  2. YES I would love to see your photos! (Don't you love my idea???) I love to look at photos!!!!! SO YESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!!